Now Xposure Photo is able to make prints as large as you need from your images, with the new addition or our 50+ Megapixel Canon Camera, it is a game changer, and a new tool for full creativity!

Check out our 3 page spread on the Yoga Journal Magazine for August 2009 page 47- 49.

If your Photographs will be taken with artificial lighting (Flash/Strobes), make sure your make up/foundation is not lighter than your skin; you can do a test on your neck/shoulder to get a better match for even skin tone on your Photographs.

Avoid foundations with Sun Protection or Titanium Dioxide, that way you will prevent color shifts in your make up once the flash/strobes are used.

Remember, the better you keep your skin looking, the better you will feel the day of your shoot, not only it will show on the final quality but on your attitude reflected by your images... Keep it positive, we are not using negatives any more!

For the new models in the industry; here are some pages you may want to download and print for reference no matter who the photographer is, you can also add more tips as you see fit, but here are some basics to get you started on your first Photoshoot:

Preparation ~ Models Bag